Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Still Stars, Still Gold

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Solid Gold was one of the only ways to see music on television in the 80s, especially if you didn’t have cable for MTV. The show has been parodied by Weezer in a video, so I won’t belabor the obvious and describe the “theme” but it was visually pleasing.

One thing I loved about Solid Gold was when Marilyn McCoo, the beautiful lead singer of the 5th Dimension who was host, would cover a current hit. Her version of “Only Time Will Tell” by Asia was better than the record, and I would love to hear it again someday.

I spent a few fun hours at a WFMU Record Fair teasing the geeks because they didn’t have these materials. Also I wouldn’t have to buy anything that way.

Cut to last Saturday night, at the incredible event of the Dodgers game at LA Coliseum, the first in 50 or so years there, and the biggest crowd to ever see a Major League Game.

Imagine my joy when I heard Marilyn and her partner Billy Davis Jr. (also of the 5th and Mr. McCoo) announced as the singers of the National Anthem that night, since they were cancer survivors as well as being a great act. I heard my old friend Charles Steinberg made that call, and a good one it was. Congrats on making it back to the west coast and out of Boston to old Dr. Steinberg, a big sports/music guy.

It was one of my favorite renditions ever, including Marvin Gaye at the NBA All Star Game and Whitney Houston’s from the 1984 Olympics, also held in the LA Coliseum.

Please enjoy the video I took of their performance above and visit the Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. page when you have time.

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