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Don Was, the famous producer and co-leader of the band Was Not Was, has his own video site you may have read about, Lukas Nelson recently stopped by for a session under the new moniker “Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real.” Lukas and his younger brother Micah also have a band together I have promoted called 40 Points.

In this clip, he performs with his brother Micah on a mellow acoustic ballad “The Sound of Your Memory,” evoking the forlorn vibe of his pop Willie.

Was has stocked his site with many independent artists, including our friends Jackshit (Pete Thomas and Davy Farragher, drum and bass from the Imposters) and Jill Sobule. As you’ll notice if you take a look at any of the videos (edited and directed by the former Virgin Records A&R mega Gemma Corfield), it’s a very nice set up.

There was a stylish ad over the video, so maybe they are making some money? I’m into Don’s posture while listening to Lukas in the video and headbanging along. I assume he takes a more hands-on approach with the Stones?

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