Spectacle with Elvis Costello Debuts Tonight on Sundance

“Spectacle,” the new music and interview program hosted by Elvis Costello debuts tonight on the Sundance channel. The program features live music and repartee from Elvis and his guests, including such greats as Smokey Robinson, The Police, Elton John and James Taylor. As we all know, Elvis is intensely articulate and has been interviewed to death, so it’s great to see him use his knowledge and underrated sense of humor. (I attended a few tapings — see below)

And considering the prospects of the recording and touring business, I’m glad Elvis’ alternative revenue stream will actually feed his core business of being a great rock star/songwriter. I was thrilled to see his mug on bus advertisements and in the subway. I asked Elvis when the last time that happened was, he said “definitely prior to 1977… And I was on the inside.”

More people will know Elvis’ greatness due this program, hopefully at least as many as he is getting off the Jonas Brothers‘ endorsement.

LA Times: “Costello makes a fine host.”

I also just remembered that the Grammy® Live nomination program conflicts with this show.  If you are watching Elvis and reading earbender.com, that probably isn’t a concern.  You do have two tvs, right?  Like Elvis, I don’t really recognize the Grammy® awards.  After all, he was beaten by A Taste of Honey for Best New Artist. Ok so he only has a few songs as big as “Boogie Oogie Oogie,” but he was robbed and so were The Cars.

The Grammy®s were great the night Shelby Lynne won, however.

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