Wynton Marsalis, "Brand Ambassador" for Movado

Movado ran this stylish ad in Sports Illustrated a few weeks ago.

Curious to see if there was any music on the site, I stopped by Movado, where he was listed as a Brand Ambassador along with a few other celebrities. It included a photo and a short (but very impressive) bio for Wynton.

Wynton seems uptight on stage and in interviews, but I ran into him on the street in New York shortly after Hurricane Katrina and expressed my sympathy. He was nice about it and lit up a bit when I told him I was a member of WWOZ.

Does anyone remember laughter?  If not, check out the immortal Miles Davis in this laughable ad for Honda Scooters from the late 80s.  Miles never mentions or rides the scooter, and dressed ridiculously.  He got paid an unprecedented amount at the time, however.  Sting did an ad for them too as I recall.

Miles Davis performs “So What”:

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