Year-End Top Ten Music Lists We'd Like to See

Thomas Jefferson was very into lists and even though he often didn’t finish them or do everything on them, he enjoyed making them immensely. Dan Patterson told me “lists are great. Short to read, plus I can instantly have an opinion and know whether I agree with you or not.”

I’m into lists too, and year-end music wrap ups are a good way to feel up to date on what’s been happening.

The Book of Lists was one of my favorites in the 70s, and for a while, I’ve been thinking there should be a “Book of Rock Lists.” I have come up with a list of Top Tens We’d Like to See. I’m curious to hear your choices for these or any other list you can think of.


1. Top Ten Women’s Music Albums
2. Top Ten Beatle-related Albums
3. Top Ten Progressive Rock Albums
4. Top Ten Albums I Wish I’d Heard
5. Top Ten Reissues
6. Top Ten Albums I Recommended to Friends
7. Top Ten Classic Rock Comeback Albums
8. Top Ten Albums I Own But Refuse to Listen To or Trade
9. Top Ten Most Blogged About Albums
10. Top Ten Possible Top Tens

One that isn’t restricted to a calendar year that I just thought of is “Top Ten Righteous Grunge Albums” (Creed, Nickelback, etc.). Is WXPN’s 885 Essential songs too long or just the right size? With ten fingers and toes, it’s easy to see how 1, 5 and 10 have been important sets/parameters since before there were numbers!

Some commerce-based lists I’m a bit curious about:

Top Ten Physical Sales; Top Ten Digital Sales; Top Ten Artists and Songs in Publishing Revenue; Top Ten Debut Albums.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the above lists or any list ideas of your own in the comments section below!

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