Sunday Morning Guitar: Def Leppard "Photograph"

Enjoying some old cuts on iTunes shuffle, I heard a nice old one from my friends Def Leppard, “Photograph.”

I immediately looked it up on, where I found a good transcription to try out later on.

No one knows I play guitar and I probably won’t ever do it in public, but when I’m practicing I play gold like “Photograph.” The following videos are a good example of how incredibly far it is from your bedroom to the concert arena.

This dude disabled embedding but plays the solo for “Photograph” convincingly.

Some kid playing “Photograph” along with the record:

Not only can the Def Leppard guys play it better than this kid, they look more natural doing it and also wrote the song. If you want to be a guitar hero, it takes a ton of luck, talent and hard work. But it’s still probably one of the best occupations in the world.

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