Social Music Site – Musebin

Musebin is a cool little site that invites folks to upload short, twitter-like, album reviews 140 characters long. Something like this could be really funny and also really useful in the future. I can recall there was a kid at uptown Tower Records that would write short and clever reviews on index cards near the cds. (There are a few extinct animals in that sentence!).

Musebin’s principals told Wired:

“It’s a reaction to the wordy, wordy MP3 blogs and people craving really concise content,” explained Musebin COO Adam Varga.

“Blogs have kind of killed the editor,” added Musebin CEO Greg Galant. “It used to be that anything that got written would be edited by people who read [the style guide] Strunk & White…. Blogs came along with no limit, and anyone could write anything. I think music reviews — which were already kind of long-winded — maybe got a little bit worse. You’re going to talk about some experience that happened to you in high school, and this and that. [We want to] capture the essence of an album so someone knows whether or not they should listen to it.”

It’s currently in Beta and invitation only, but I can invite some people to join. Please contact me if you would like to give it a try. I think it will be a popular service in the near future.

“My new favorite album.. Add in some Devo, electrified disco and Cibo Matto. This album is a blast.” (The Ting Tings “We Started Nothing.”)

I’ve only written a few reviews so far but I will start feeding them into my social whirlwind soon.

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