Happy Birthday Mr. Richards

Mr. Richards in action during the 70s

I am “happy” Keith Richards still walks the earth, and so I wish him a happy 65th birthday along with best wishes for many more trips around the Sun. Can you wish him good health? His regimen involves massive amounts of cigarettes and booze. So let’s wish him more years of cigarettes and booze (and whatever else he’s into), and a lot more music!

Without question, Keith Richards is one of the best musicians in the world and we should hope he’s around a lot longer. My guess he spends a lot of time between cigarettes swimming in the tropics between tours, along w/not eating much. Either way, he was really nice when I met him, and I wish him the best.

Since the Stones’ 80s break-up, Keith has not slept: most of the good new songs by the Stones are ones he’s sung. It’s as if ever since the solo albums, he doesn’t give Mick his best songs to sing. Well why should he? “Thru and Thru” (The Sopranos); “The Worst,” “Thief in the Night,” and a couple (“Too Rude” and “Sleep Tonight” are the best songs on Dirty Work; “All About You” on — btw, these are all really slow Keith) of others have made the past few albums more worthwhile and Keith is getting the credit. Awesome as they are, Emotional Rescue“Happy” and “Before They Make Me Run” were not the best songs on Exile on Main St. or Some Girls… I’ll probably never stop going to their shows or spending money on the Rolling Stones, but I feel they can do better. I think Stripped is probably the best Stones albums since the 80s layoff. I’m not sure what the best song on Shine A Light even is (“Champagne and Reefer” w/Buddy Guy?).

Did Virgin Records pay over $100 million that for Voodoo Lounge, Bridges to Babylon, A Bigger Bang, four live albums (Shine, Live Licks, Stripped and No Security) and the 40 Licks compilation? They couldn’t have known in the early nineties that the bottom would drop out of cds, and the Stones fattened the company (along w/Janet Jackson) for Branson’s sale to EMI.

Nice job Prince Rupert!

Stones in the news: Dartford, the area of London that Jagger and Richards grew up in, is considering naming several streets after songs such as Dandelion, Ruby Tuesday and others. Sad commentary that their last single was titled “Streets of Love” (from A Bigger Bang) but the London Telegraph article never mentions the obvious pun. I guess it’s not that obvious. They need to make a change creatively, no disrespect to Don Was, at least in my opinion.

I thought I might be late on this post, first remembering Mr. Richards at close to 6pm. But he’s just waking up. Roll on Keith Richards and thanks for 65 years of incredible riffs!

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