Layering Up for the Winter Classic

The Winter Classic, the National Hockey League‘s exciting New Year’s Day tradition, is a marketing effort that will be shown on NBC today at 1pm eastern.  The idea is that a midday game on a holiday with a special background will get casual hockey fans interested, along with people who would never watch a game.  I think they are smart to focus this event towards those efforts instead of trying to crossover all year long.  Why there are hockey players in Belize is another question…

Two of the original six teams, Detroit and Chicago, will take the ice in the middle of Wrigley Field in the first NHL game to be played in a baseball stadium.  The ice will be far from the stands, and it will be very cold.  It’s currently 25 degrees and clear, so conditions are practically optimal.

If it snows like last year, it will create an even greater backdrop for the game.  The fact that it’s an outdoor game makes it resemble many of the ponds and homemade rinks players were on as kids, and it creates a lot of nostalgia among the participants.  The fact that there isn’t much else on tv helps too.  I don’t care much about the Rose Parade.  Bring on the Winter Classic!

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