Spider-Man and President Obama Team Up

Obama as a Super-Hero

Obama as a Super-Hero

Tomorrow, Marvel Comics will release one of the most clever and surreal comic books in history, when Spider-Man teams up with President Barack Obama on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #583. The story takes place on Inauguration Day.

The 2nd Printing has a different cover

The 2nd Printing has a different cover

There has been worldwide press coverage, so you can bet the kids will be lined up.  Marvel already has an alternate cover set for a second printing!

It’s very exciting to have a President so popular with young people that he would be put in a comic book, i.e. likened to a super hero as he takes office.  The USA has such bad problems from the economy to the Middle East.

One positive of the chaos in the country is that no one is debating “moral issues” like stem cells, etc.  I heard that the Obama Spider-Man cover was reprinted in German newspapers too.  The whole world is rooting for his success so hard it’s embarrassing.  We are putting a bit too much pressure on the man.

But if he finds some ways to channel all our energy for the good of the country and the world, good things will happen.  We are all connected, just like in the Marvel Universe Connections/Theta Version.

Is it trite to invoke the Spider-Man motto, “With great power comes great responsibility”?

I bet W. Bush would have read the National Intelligence Reports if it had come in comic book form.  Whatta maroon.

Let’s hope that the cops and everyone else planning for the event have security under control and Spider-Man is not needed next Tuesday.

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  • But most agree, outside of these crossovers, and of course the main
    books (the Spider-Man books, X-Men books and Avengers books) not
    much else is that great right now, nor has it been for sometime.
    Ten cent comic books were generally in the Golden Age (pre 1950s) and 25
    cent comics were from the Bronze Age (1970s). People who
    say otherwise are trying to fool themselves.