Beck's Malibu Home for Sale — Cheap!

According to the LA Times, Beck has dropped the price on his Malibu home 2% in order to try to stir interest, from $2.495 to $2.445m.

He’s no loser, eh?

Beck's Malibu Home

Beck's Malibu home is going cheap

His latest album, Modern Guilt, to paraphrase Lester Bangs on the Rolling Stones’ “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” is the first meaningless Beck album (at least to this fan). I don’t even know what the album cover looks like or what the single was. I think I’m a little cooked on the gimmicky nature of his music and the ultra-serious public image. Very nice guy though, hung w/him at David Bowie’s 50th birthday concert and a few other times too.

I will follow up and take a listen to Modern Guilt, I feel I owe it to the artist for having such a great career.

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  • I thought Modern Guilt was really good. Maybe not his best but overall a pretty interesting album w/ a lot of catchy hooks. I did find myself messing w/ the EQ a lot, though. I think he was doing weird stuff on the recording side.

    Give it another listen!