Not Lost in My Inbox: Voyager One

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A few days ago I received an email from Loveless Records, a Seattle-based indie, promoting its latest releases.  A photo lower in the message caught my eye — it looked like one of their bands was performing with LASERS, something that doesn’t happen very often these days.  They are a remnant from the 70s, probably don’t travel well, use a lot of electricity, etc.  But I think they look spectacular, and I had to compliment the band and the label for proudly showing the picture below.

Voyager One’s laser-driven “Spacetastic”


And it turns out that Loveless Records is owned by KEXP, Seattle morning dj John Richards!  Having spent a few listens with Voyager One’s album “Afterhours in the Afterlife,” I would describe it as somewhere between old Depeche Mode and a more current techno/electronica sound.  They tour with the Seattle oldtimers Sky Cries Mary, and I hope they break out of the regional thing and shine those lasers on America. They have been together over 10 years and have a retro sound. I appreciate John Richards and Loveless Records’ Amy Bauer trying to make them happen at this point.

Voyager One also sent a dvd, a collaboration with Projectorhead, a design and video production company.  I appreciate their forward (and backward) view, having a multi-media package to send to people.

Voyager One “The Future is Obsolete” video

Loveless Records home page

Voyager One home page

An upcoming release from a band confusingly named New Faces was also mentioned in their package.  New Faces will release their album “Two Years” after they graduate from high school later this year.  If I were Loveless Records, I might be dreading making 200 phone calls about a band with such a non-descript name…

But maybe the lasers will be available for the New Faces tour (they have a show on 1/22 at Club Pop at Chop Suey in Seattle).  I look forward to seeing them and the Loveless Records crew at their SXSW showcase (if they bring them, it will be the only laser show on 6th Street).

Not Lost in My Inbox” is an occasional earbender update evaluating bands and various promo spiels I see in my email “in box.”  The title was inspired by a lame music blog called Lost in Your Inbox that has blocked my promo pitch emails.

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