Rosenfelder Index – live blog of Super Bowl XLIII Ads

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The Rosenfelder Index is an annual review of Super Bowl advertising that focuses on the cost of buying everything advertised during the game. The result is a cross-section of the US economy, outlined in what is being marketed. This year, the Rosenfelder Index goes live for Super Bowl XLIII (or at least as long as I stay awake)! I will be tallying all the ads on the broadcast, so stay tuned!

US AIrways got the best plug ever when their crew from the emergency landing was introduced.

Set One
Hyundai Genesis ($35K)
NFL Mobile/Sprint ($75/mo)
Subway Combo Meal ($5.99)
Kay Jewelers w/Jane Seymour – for the few women still watching ($200 – $500)
NBC Today Show (free)

Intro – Hyundai Kickoff show

Set Two
State Farm Insurance w/LeBron James – expensive ad w/LeBron, shown early when there is a large audience.
Best Buy Geek Squad – sets up your tv NOW, in the midst of the Super Bowl! ($1100 – flat screen + install)
Universal Studios Orlando “where we can all feel like superhumans again.” ($80/person)
Duplicity – Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star, opening March 20. ($12)
Hyundai – mentions 2009 “North American Car of the Year” (as named by who?) ($35K)

Set Three
GI Joe Movie! – ad includes Eiffel Tower collapse… take that Frenchie, it’s not just our icons that can fall ($12).
Avon ad also reflects economy asking for independent sales women, saying “I can’t get laid off.”
McDonald’s House stressing its philanthropic efforts
Kurt Warner talking about his dream and the NFL itself!
NBC promoting its own lineup I don’t recongnize any of these people. “Chuck”?
Hyundai Genesis – now names BMW and Mercedes ($35K)

Set Four
Hyndai Genesis Coupe featuring Smashing Pumpkins music credited on screen (bad car and a bad song!) ($35K)
NBC Sports (free)


Pittsburgh TD (taken back for a FG instead) – could be a blowout at this rate

Pittsburgh 3, Arizona 0

Set Five
Bud Light ad focusing on economy ($1.50)
Angels and Demons – a new Ron Howard movie ($12)
Audi – (best ad so far) vintage car chases in contemporary styles ($50K)

Set Six
Now we’re talking Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am, along with Belushi and Jack Black (that’s incongruous) for Pepsi. ($1.50)
Doritos crystal ball ad w/first “man humor” — a guy gets hit in the balls. ($1)
Back to the game with Pepsi, Sprint and a movie I missed. ($1.50 and $75/mo)

Set Seven
Conan in a very funny Bud Light ad ($1.50)
Year One opening June 19 – starring Jack Black; must suck to be promoted so far in advance ($12)
Toyota with a mini van – hitting the Big Three where it hurts ($25K)
Bridgestone Halftime w/Springsteen tease ($400/set)
Chuck in 3d? (free)
Live Springsteen tease with intro and end of “Born to Run” to get you psyched. (free)

Set Eight
Mr and Mrs Potatohead for Bridgestone Tires ($400/set)
Fast and Furious Part 3 (to be released in April) ($12)
Castrol Motor Oil ($5)
“Medium” – a new NBC show I’ll never see. (free)

No American car companies… I know they are being punished but this is weird. Could be a vision of the future too.

Set Nine – unpredictable one because of a quick time out.
Land of the Lost – Will Ferrell’s new movie w/a lot of special effects. ($12)
Doritos – second “man” commercial with a model in her underwear. ($1)
Go Daddy – Danica Patrick in a bathrobe taking a shower. She is so uncomfortable on camera. ($70/year)

I guess they figure women are tuned out by now?

TD Pittsburgh, 10-0 now. Springsteen looking more important with every series.

Set Ten
Pepsi – proves my point following the Danica humiliation ad: “first diet cola for MEN.” ($1.50)
Pedigree Dog Food – adoption drive (seems a bit out of place, too late?) ($22)
Budweiser – sorry I’m not detailing the story line about this one. Clydesdales… ($1.50)
NBC Heroes – new season starts tomorrow? (free)

Set Eleven
Budweiser – clydesdale running across America to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (go Ashford and Simpson!) ($1.50)
Star Trek movie – May 8 – looks pretty awesome while still using the old uniforms! ($12)
NBC spiel for Hyundai, Budweiser, Monsters 3D ($35K, free, $12)

Long possession for Arizona ends in a TD, Pittsburgh 10 – Arizona 7

Set Twelve
Gatorade – Disabled athletes with various celebrities. Inspiring. Not really. ($1.50) Not much Gatorade on camera too, and there usually is. Interesting! – Interesting commercial about not overpaying for a car. If there are no US companies, we will pay what we are told and like it. We need the competition to keep us from being over a barrel to Toyota, etc. It will be like the Soviet Union. (free)

And still no GM, Ford or Chrysler. I saw a Ford commercial with Jeter just before the game started, but since then, nothing.

Set Thirteen – after dinner audience arrives
Hyundai – ad mocking Lexus boardroom trying to keep up with them. Far-fetched. ($35K)
E*Trade – you’d have to be as naive as these kids to buy stock these days. (various)
Monsters vs. Aliens and 3D Chuck – where did they give out the glasses ($12 and free)
NBC – ad for the ads! “stop by” (free)

Set Fourteen
Disney Pixar – Up in 3D — this could get some folks back to the movies on May 29. ($12)
Bud Light – “man” commercial with violence, “chicks dig this” as tag line. ($1.50)
Bridgestone Springsteen Tease ($400/set) ad (free – maybe)

Two minute warning 1st half

Set Fifteen
H&R Block featuring Death! ($80)
Teleflora – another “man” ad with a woman getting flowers at work… only thing close to Valentine’s besides Jane Seymour’s Open Heart ($100) – register to win a job with the NFL/ (free)
United Way – Youth Fitness (fund raising appeal)
NBC – Jay Leno in a Shelby on the PCH with “Hold On, I’m Coming” (not looking forward that much)
Bridgestone Springsteen Tease with Born to Run clip ($400/set)

Tease for Costas half time show from the Galleon. I hope he sees the Scott Brothers!

Set Sixteen
Cheetos – female friendly ad where stuck up woman gets harassed by birds w/use of Cheetos ($1)

Demoralizing interception to end the first half. Longest run in history, but under dispute.

Pittsburgh TD, now Pittsburgh 17 – Arizona 7 as the half ends.

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