Rosenfelder Index of Super Bowl XLIII ads – Live blogging the 2nd half

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Bruce Springsteen at Super Bowl XLIII

Set Sixteen
Monsters vs. Aliens – March 27 3D nice Golden Gate Bridge collapse! ($12)
Sobe – some unrecognizable celebrities I suppose (no spiel just visual) ($1.50)
Chuck 3D (free)

Halftime report and dark stadium in the background for Springsteen set change.

Set Seventeen
Sprint – nextel direct network ($75/mo)
NFL Network – “football season never ends” showing various events through the year, products. Very good ad. ($20/mo)
NBC Heroes – Cool special effects including Jerry Rice, John Elway and various old timers (free)

Springsteen is on!

He’s the greatest speaking to the fans about putting the chicken fingers down and turning the tv up for “Tenth Avenue Freeze – Out”!!!!! What the f is Clarence wearing!

I hope he puts his guitar on for the next song… and he did it’s “Born to Run.” No phony enthusiasm here.

Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons at the Super Bowl

Clarence and Bruce tcb for NBC

Savvy bastard singing his new single “Workin’ on a Dream” with the choir from the Lincoln Memorial. If it works, they stay in the act! ($15)

NY Vinny must be digging the football version of “Glory Days.” He used to do a show on KUSF of all baseball songs on Super Bowl Sunday.

And that’s it for Bruce Springsteen. Nice to see his old Esquire on tv.

Set Eighteen
Toyota – Tundra climbing up a flaming ramp (“Actual Demonstration”!) ($41K)
Priceline – or something with Shatner (free) – Carlos Boozer and a gold medal. I guess he’s a basketball player? (varies)
Universal Orlando – first repeat of “superhuman” commercial ($80!)
NBC – a doctor saying people have been laughing their asses off at their shows. (free)

Set Nineteen
Honda comes late as if to show you a real car to buy – the Accord – and close the deal ($30K)
One I missed featuring – Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
Raymore and Flanagan furniture ($1500)
Toyota with Eli Manning – these commercials seem confident compared to Hyundai. Another repeat. ($30K)

Set Twenty
Coke – fancy one I don’t remember just a few minutes later. ($1.50)
Bridgestone – Astronauts featuring “Jump Around” by House of Pain ($400/set)
Denny’s ad – awesome one featuring a mob meeting over pancakes with a smiley face ($12) – more ass humor for the men. (free)
NBC – Career builder, Coke

Set Twenty One
Budweiser – a clydesdale tells his family’s history. ($1.50)
One I missed (this is a lot more intensive than keeping score!)
NBC – The Office

STILL NO ADS FOR THE BIG THREE AMERICAN CAR COMPANIES! If you aren’t freaked out by the state of the economy as we watch the “Steelers,” you are out of it or really rich. At this rate, the only “Steelers” in the USA will be the guys we’re watching on tv. That’s not an America I want to see.

FG – Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 7 (not looking so good for the Cards)

Set Twenty Two
Transformers part two looks cool with big special effects ($12)
Career Builder – this is a pretty funny commercial with a lot of repetition.
NBC – Heroes
Budweiser live spot by Al Michaels with Pro Bowl promo ($1.50)

Set Twenty Three
Coca Cola with great special effects in a natural mode as bugs and flowers drink coke (and live!) ($1.50)
Frosted Flakes – building fields and imploring us to visit ($4.69)
NBC Conan ad featuring hot actresses. I’ll take it. (free)

Is this the same Mrs. Warner that had a butch haircut and would call the radio stations in St. Louis? Must be if they are showing her at this critical juncture of the game.

Set Twenty Four – 3rd Quarter Ends – dreams of becoming a player come true after working as a vendor for the Redskins
Heineken – The Village Vanguard featured in this ad! Promotes its quality, sort of like Honda ($2.50).
History Channel – violent man ad showing lumberjacks for Axe Men (free)
Acura TL – first car that lists price ($32K)

Set Twenty Five
NBC – Chuck 3D (free)
AXA Equitable – a finance ad hidden late in the game when hopefully most of the crowd is drunk (varies)
FORD EDGE with DEREK JETER!!!! – Finally an ad for an AMERICAN CAR! ($35K)
NBC Pro Bowl promo, Celebrity Apprentice promo looks “interesting” but that’s because Howard’s mainstays Joan Rivers and DICE are on it. (free)

Seems like it’s almost late enough for another t&a-laced ad. Where’s GoDaddy part two? is hosted there and they do a good job). ($70/year)

Set Twenty Six
Hyundai Assurance – If you lose your “income” in the next year, they let you return the car.
Coke Zero – reprises Mean Joe Green but includes a contemporary twist with “brand managers” sacking Troy P. ($1.50)
Cash4Gold – MC Hammer and Ed McMahon discussing going broke. Hammer still a symbol of financial failure/bankruptcy even years later. He should have a busy year. (free)

Set Twenty Seven
Vizio – first mention since the beginning of the show. Includes reference to the economy with a hello to the President. ($600)
Taco Bell featuring “Just the Two of Us” ($7)
GE “Smart Grid Technology” – another ad directed at President Obama using current events (no pun intended). At this point the ads are more interesting than the game. ($billions)
NBC live promos – GE, Bud Light Lime, Doritos and SOBE

I hope the Cards get back in the game.

TD Arizona. Pittsburgh 20 – Arizona 14 beautiful catch.

Set Twenty Eight
Hulu – an amazing ad featuring Alec Baldwin with the confidence of the net on his side (“you can’t escape”)
NBC – “Feeling Alright” by Joe Cocker promotes Chuck, Heroes and Medium (all one name titles — interesting).

Set Twenty Nine
GE – Wind Turbines. No problem, I’m buying. ($billions)
Pepsi – MacGruber — this looks like a hit. Can’t argue with a mullet. ($1.50) – Super Bowl MVP sponsored by CADILLAC coming soon. (free w/o Caddy however)
Hulu – live spot featuring commercials (free)

In a bizarre play, Pittsburgh is called for holding in the end zone for a SAFETY. Pittsburgh 20 – Arizona 16

Incredibly, Arizona has scored again with an amazing reception! Arizona 23 – Pittsburgh 20

Now I expect some hot commercials that reflect the excitement of the game. We’ll soon see. And it’s that same #11, Larry Fitzgerald, who appeared on earlier with his pop. I think he’s MVP if the Cardinals win. Biggest comeback ever, pretty awesome this is the first Super Bowl I’ve seen in its entirety since 1979 (Cowboys vs. Broncos in color for the first time in my house).

Set Thirty – two minute warning Al Michaels sounds pumped.
Bud Light Lime – again great special effects as a winter scene turns to summer ($2.50)
GoDaddy – Danica Patrick in a humiliating ad with a woman showing off her “enhancement.” Is Danica allowed to be in an ad without her firesuit on? Weird. Who is her manager? ($70/year)
NFL Pro Bowl Promo (free)
NBC – The Office tease — who wants to watch that when we can see that catch over and over? (free)

Wow the Steelers are within five yards of scoring. Seems like the Cards won’t be able to prevent a TD, but we’ll see.

Steelers TD. Pittsburgh 27 – Arizona 23

:35 left on the clock, with two time outs left for Arizona.

Steelers win. Let’s hope the real steelers win this year too.

I’ll be back later to total the price of everything advertised tonight for the 2nd official Rosenfelder Index of Super Bowl Advertising.

Thanks for reading. It was a good game, especially the end of it, which made me forget Springsteen’s stellar performance!

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