The Rosenfelder Index – Super Bowl XLIII Results

Super Bowl XLIII logo

Super Bowl XLIII was one of the best games ever

The Rosenfelder Index is defined as the price to purchase one unit of everything advertised during the Super Bowl, including repeats. If something is advertised four times, I put it in four times. That way the Index reflects the effectiveness of repetition and the fact that the sponsor spent more money in order to achieve it.

One Ford Edge commercial and a brief mention that the MVP was sponsored by Cadillac were the only ads American car companies ran on the program. GE had the potential to make the Index high with its wind turbines and smart grid electrical system.

The disappearance of the American car from the Super Bowl was highly disconcerting to me. Bridgestone Tires and Castrol Oil were a few ancillary products, but it’s mind boggling to think of all the other businesses, and the people that populate them, vanishing from the country, as they did from Super Bowl XLIII.

No airlines advertised during the Super Bowl!
The only travel/leisure ad was for Universal Orlando Florida. At $80 for adults and $64 for kids, that’s still pretty steep.

Communications were present, with Sprint and a touch of Verizon, and beverages were there in force. Overt references to the economy surfaced in several ads including Avon, Axa Financial, Hyundai Assurance and Cash4Gold featuring notorious losers Ed McMahon and MC Hammer.

This year’s numbers were down a bit from last year’s total of $458,000. The numbers are not correct, but they might be close. I left out the wind turbines and power grid GE was advertising, and we have Hyundai to thank for pumping the Genesis.  The GE ads and a few others seemed to address the President directly.  The owner of the Steelers did when he accepted the trophy, which was also a nice touch.

I don’t want to imagine America with the brands of car distributed in the same proportion as the advertising on the Super Bowl tonight. Most of us would be driving a Hyundai, and only superstar Derek Jeter has a hand-restored antique Ford.

That’s not an America any of us want to see!

The Rosenfelder Index for 2009’s Super Bowl XLIII is $400,090.50.

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