Neil Young's New Single "Fork in the Road"


Neil Young's handwriting and raw video add rust to the computers

Yogi Berra advises, “when you see a fork in the road, take it.”

So last night, when I received an email announcing the new single “Fork in the Road” by Neil Young, I clicked over to hear it and am pretty happy with the results, especially considering Neil’s new songs were a total rally-kill at his recent MSB show.

“Fork in the Road” has the semi-grunge sound. Not exactly Crazy Horse volume but on the loud side. The song has a nice groove to it and Neil also made a pretty great video where he is listening to an apple using white headphones (view below).

Neil’s singing about the economy and his own identity with a level of candor we don’t get from most of his generation of rock stars.  As much as I love Springsteen, Neil Young has probably never dyed his hair.  They all have a lot of pretense, but Neil’s pretense is being earthy, and I find it quite believable most of the time.

He’s almost as sanguine as Yogi Berra!

Neil Young – Fork In The Road

Sample (great) lyrics:

“Big rock star, my sales have tanked. I still have you — thanks. Keep on blogging til the power goes out. The battery’s dead/twist and shout/on the radio/those were the days/bring em back. There’s a bailout coming but it’s not for you. It’s for all those creeps hiding what they do.”

And there’s a dirty guitar solo at the end of the song!

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