Next earbender meet-up is February 17


Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia

Please join me at the next earbender meet-up on February 17 at the Emerald Inn, 205 Columbus Avenue (at 68th St) in New York City.  We’ll be there from 7pm until about 10.

The earbender network of contacts includes people from various aspects of the media spectrum, including radio, film/tv music supervisors, artists, promotion guys, publicists and anyone else who is into the “paradigm shift” from traditional media to the internet.

I have been working on promoting music via blogs, social media and radio station web sites. I have also been working with Baseball Digest’s internet efforts as well as some comic book properties recently, so expect all types!

We will also commemorate Black History Month with music from Miles Davis; Buddy Guy; Ashford and Simpson; Sam Cooke; Bill Withers; Fats Waller and Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia.

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