A Double-Whammy from Sports Illustrated: Sex and Lies (but no videotape)

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A Liar

I was already looking forward to reading my friend Selena Roberts article on Alex Rodriguez in this week’s SI, but was surprised that the completely separate publication “the swimsuit issue” arrived at the same time.  You could say they are working both sides of the street.

For the past few years, as a victim or beneficiary of the “culture wars,” Sports Illustrated’s skinfest has been made into a separate issue, that you can opt out of as a subscriber, if you find it offensive.  Of course, they get to sell more ads, but maybe appeal to fewer people.  It’s also a good chance for the magazine to try to attract readers of Maxim, etc.  Who knows if it’s good for business?  Considering all the t&a shown during the Super Bowl, my guess is most Sports Illustrated readers would like to get that swimsuit issue.

As a big sports fan, however, I was a lot more eager to see the article exposing Alex Rodriguez as a cheater.  What a surprise that a skunk who breaks the rules of the game trying to knock the ball out of someone’s hand by slapping it (instead of lowering a shoulder into Bronson Arroyo and flattening him on the way to first) would break the rules then lie about it.  He’s tainted and his Hall of Fame credentials should be reconsidered.

Selena Roberts is a great reporter who I have exchanged emails with many times.  She is well aware of how public relations can effect the performance of the team, as we have discussed Yanks-Mets, Torre-Randolph and other major topics.  I am sure she took every step to let Rodriguez tell his side of the story.  He lied some more on ESPN the other night too.

He was one of my favorite players when he was with the Mariners, I guess we didn’t know how weak he was in the clutch, that he was a cheater (both maritally and on the field) and a liar. I hope MLB and the Yankees take some disciplinary action, such as making him go to schools to apologize to the kids.

Years ago, I promoted a great song by Sonic Youth that brought many issues to light called “Swimsuit Issue.”  Here is some video of them performing that song as well as the hit single “Kool Thing”:

I’m glad we can rely on Sonic Youth to maintain integrity and keep women on the path to equality.

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