Americana Gets a Grammy® Bump


The vaunted Grammy® logo "for social networking," stolen from their Twitter feed.

Congrats to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and all at Rounder Records on the big night at the Grammy Awards®. While I am not really a fan of the program, I am happy that the recipient of the “Grammy Bump” is somewhat off the mainstream.  Don’t get the wrong idea, however, it still takes very big business to get the icons Plant, Krauss and Burnett together.

Americana is a flimsy excuse for a radio format where many of the reporters represent only a few hours of programming per week, often on tiny stations.  Because it is seen as a “country music underground” by the Nashville community has enabled it to stay afloat pretty well.  I’d be very curious to hear if any artists have ever broken through to “mainstream” country.  I doubt it, not because Americana isn’t valid, but because country music radio programmers are the most conservative guys out there.

Any readers who listen to WSYC, Shippensburg PA, or any other “Americana” stations, please write to me.  I’ve heard it said that there are more artists in Americana than there are listeners and I am very curious what the fans think.  We all like to see people we like get attention and become more commercial, and this past Sunday, a lot of people received some validation.

The Morning Call even did a big story on WXLV, a college station based at Lehigh Valley College that plays a lot of Americana.  Hats off to Big Kev and all the folks over there, let’s hope some of the new attention sticks!

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