In Search of "Solid Gold"

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In the pre-MTV era, the syndicated program “Solid Gold” was one of the only ways to see music on television. There were many hosts (Andy Gibb, Rex Smith, Dionne Warwick) and I could spend hours sifting through YouTube looking for clips, but my favorite was Marilyn McCoo.

Every week, Marilyn would sing a cover of a current hit. One week, she performed Asia’s song “Only Time Will Tell,” and it was definitely better than their version, no disrespect to John Wetton, who is awesome in King Crimson on the albums Red, Starless and Bible Black and Lark’s Tongues in Aspic.

So if anyone reading this has a copy of that, please let me know. I stumped the entire WFMU Record Fair with that a few years ago. No one even had any video from that show, and you can see how awesome it was below:

Cyndi Lauper sings “All Through the Night”

Paul Williams joins Marilyn McCoo for a medley of his hits:

But as I watch her singing Charlene’s hit “I’ve Never Been to Me,” I wonder if Marilyn would’ve had a hit with it. Charlene never had another hit as far as I know (and I don’t intend to research it), but it seems her innocence helped deliver the cut for her. If you were listening to demos of James Bond themes, would you pick Marilyn’s version over Sheena Easton’s? She’s a much better singer but Sheena was more famous at the time.

I really want to hear the Asia cover again.

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