World Music @ SXSW: David Kirton of Barbados


David Kirton is poised for a great SXSW!

South by Southwest (like most of the US music business) is not that focused on World Music, but every year, there are a few showcases worth checking out.  The purpose of this post is strictly to let those who might be searching the net for these terms that a great artist I work with, David Kirton, will be performing at the Flamingo Cantina on Saturday night at Midnight , the traditional reggae/world slot (ghetto).  Another cool earbender client, Joseph Israel opens up the show.

David Kirton first came to my attention over a year ago through my friend Dermot Hussey of Sirius XM‘s reggae channel, The Joint.  David is one of the best performers on the island of Barbados, and through the intense efforts of his manager/wife Noelle, has procured both a showcase at the intense conference SXSW; a sponsorship with Love Fatigues clothing (“Green Camouflage” is his single/calling card song — see below!) as well as backing from Mt. Gay Rum and the Barbados Cultural Commission.

David Kirton “Green Camouflage” video

We hope you will stop by the showcase on Saturday, or the “Luck Media Stimulus Party” that David will be performing at on Friday afternoon 3/20 at The Parish.  It ought to be an intense week but if you would like to hook up with David Kirton, please let me know via email ( or twitter.

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