Two First Families – Obama and Marley

Marleys and the Obamas at the White House!
The First Family of the United States greets Ziggy Marley and the First Family of Reggae at the White House!

I recently saw this picture on someone else’s page and had to grab a copy for myself. It was a great moment for so many of us Bob Marley fans to have his son Ziggy at the White House playing his songs for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

President Obama is a cool guy and his family looks excited to be meeting Ziggy and his family too. He really doesn’t have to do anything else. This picture salves a lot of wounds from the past eight years.

And it’s ok he didn’t milk the Michael Jackson story. Maybe people should follow his example as opposed to joining the increasing histrionics on display all over the media since his death 12 days ago. Still, there is a relationship between Barack Obama and Michael Jackson, but slight.

President Obama is doing an excellent job!

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