The End of the Compact Disc – Until You Send More!

Compact Discs - the last of them
The Compact Disc was a good friend for 25 years

Six years after my first ipod got me to start digitizing my music library of over 3,000 cds, the process is complete. Every single compact disc in my collection has been incorporated into My iTunes music library, which now totals over 39,000 songs. It’s on an external drive and backed up two times at off-site locations. To lose these files would be a catastrophe, especially since I have also traded away many of the cds and have no other back-up.

As everyone knows, the ipod and iTunes make listening to and buying music incredibly convenient and using shuffle simulates the experience of listening to the radio, except now it pulls from your own music library at random, constantly surprising and delighting the listener. For more casual music fans, I knew that the convenience of the system would make them want to feed new music into it. Of course, I had 3,000 cds to import.

Now that it’s all in there and my apartment is very normal looking, I have been ravenous about finding new music to add! The New York Public Library is a wonderful resource and I am on a constant flow of cd holds there, but if you have any access to new music, please send it to me. It could even be on cd, like the Noisettes, recently sent over from Island Records. Although the official videos aren’t available, I found a great performance from BBC of their hit “Don’t Upset the Rhythm.” In a week where Island icon Grace Jones was in town, it was the Noisettes I regret missing.

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