Yankees Unlikely to Get Apple Sponsorship

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Catfish Hunter in 1976 (Sports Illustrated)

Catfish Hunter in 1976

Michael Kay just joked that the Yankees deserve a sponsorship from Apple Computer. This was due a brief on screen appearance by reporter Kim Jones, shown working on her YES Network blog on a Mac.

It’s not happening, but it got me thinking.  It couldn’t happen – Apple’s a lot bigger than even the Yankees! Additionally, the Yankees have a conservative vibe that seems to be against the Think Different personalities like Gandhi, Lennon, MLK, Einstein that represented Apple’s attitude in that ad (for the iMac?).

The Yankees’ icons of history would be more like Patton, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Giuliani, etc.

Some Yankees who did “Think Different” would be pretty, impressive if recognized: Billy Martin, Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, Rickey Henderson, Elston Howard, Gene Michael — good trail so far — Chris Chamblis and lastly, according to George Steinbrenner, Catfish Hunter more than anyone else on the Yankees thought differently.

When he came to the team, Catfish Hunter brought a winning attitude.

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