Playing for Change: Clarence Bekker

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Clarence Bekker is a singer/songwriter whom the Columbia Journalism Review recognized as “an astonishing singer from Amsterdam” for his vocal contribution to the Playing for Change version of “Stand By Me.” Now living in Barcelona, Bekker is currently working with a multicultural project, 08001, and collaborating with local DJs.

I like people who smile while they sing

Of course, Clarence Bekker’s charisma is also a critical part of the massively popular Playing for Change videos.  In this typical scene seen after the jump, Bekker appears on the streets of Amsterdam performing “No Woman No Cry,” one of the most famous songs of hope in the face of adversity, written by Bob Marley (with help from his friend Vincent “Tartar” Ford, as previously referenced here).

Do you think it’s a valuable skill, being able to sing Bob Marley songs well on the streets of Amsterdam?  Sounds like a good business model to me (except when it’s nasty out, but then there are “coffee shops” too).

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