John Lennon's 69 – Happy Birthday/TMI

You are STILL Here

You are STILL Here

How exciting to awaken on John Lennon’s birthday to the news that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Even as the opposition carps against his ambitions in DC, the world recognizes that he is a transformational character.

John Lennon was certainly that type too, so it’s a nice coincidence that the info about Obama was released today, the 69th anniversary of his birth. John Lennon surely deserved a Nobel Peace Prize himself!

Of course, he had his foibles too, and they were often the flip side (a record metaphor!) of his strengths. He was a master at doing interviews and was legendary for his honesty and cynicism toward fame (“what’s your name… name… name…?”).

With Two Virgins, he was probably too revealing but it sure proved a point. In this interview recently published by the Times of London, he revealed a sexual preference that coincides with today’s birthday. Phillip Norman’s book John Lennon – The Life, which I recently finished, perhaps corroborates this idea with the Troubadour incident.

John Lennon reportedly shouted at Anne Peebles a lewd remark in this vein before being removed.

I think John wouldve dug this picture

I think John would've dug this picture

The bottom line is I wish he were still around having fun and making awesome comments. Let’s do something big for his 70th next year. I’ll be rolling past the Dakota today and thinking of him.

As the Westside Pharmacy around the corner from his pad says in the window, “Remember our beloved John Lennon. His message of Peace will live forever.”

But I also think he was guilty of Too Much Information sometimes!  John Lennon made us uncomfortable in a challenging way.

Please visit today, even if it’s just in your imagination.

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  • I can’t be more agree with you about the big change that John’s words did (and will do ’til the end) to the world. I’m not sure about what he would think about Obama, but I’m sure that at some point of the unwritten future, they could be friends.
    I’m from Mexico and I can smell his soul ’round us too.