Chase Syncs Yes for Ink

Pick a card, any card...

Pick a card, any card...

After a few “passive” listens to a commercial now being shown during baseball games, I stopped to see who was using one of my favorite artists, Yes, to promote on television. It turned out that Chase Ink, a new set of credit cards had licensed “All Good People,” specifically the chiming guitar parts to “Your Move,” the song’s intro.

Songs are chosen for commercials in a laboratory, and we can assume that Chase Ink is looking for older white men who would look up when hearing this sample (they throw in Jon Anderson as a tag to a mostly instrumental edit). Congrats to ad agency mcgarrybowen for their good taste.

We know Yes had millions of fans, but their profile is weak in the critical community (no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite mad originality and popularity). Did Shaw/Blades make the song a hit again through their lame cover promoted by Howard Stern?

“All Good People/Your Move” was also covered by Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet on their recent Under the Covers 2.

Who are they angling for with this “small business” product aimed at old white men? Displaced workers, early retirees, new “consultants.” Chasing ink indeed. It’s a nice idea that they supply some infrastructure online, extra cards and points, but let’s be honest, it’s probably just another bad loan/interest rate. Could be a good alternative to an AmEx though.

And they paid our friends Yes who have had some bad business decisions hurt the band. I strongly recommend the wonderful book Close to the Edge by Chris Welch. Thanks to Google books for the preview below!

I always recommend the great Roger Dean’s page for all Yes fans who might stop by this post.

Since the commercial is not available for streaming, here’s a “definitive” version from the seminal rock film “Yessongs”:

Google books preview of Close to the Edge: The Story of Yes

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