Google Audio to Launch October 28

According to TechCrunch, Google Audio will launch next Wednesday at an industry event in Los Angeles.  The service will combine searches with social networks iLike and Lala to create a music streaming window within Google.  It’s functions will include choosing a stream from one of the two services and give the user a chance to buy the music with a click.

This is a fantastic development for the long-suffering music business and its rights holders.  Google‘s reputation for ease of use, their immense amount of users and the sheer POWER of music will obviously create a huge new avenue with which to sell music, but I believe it will also enhance the public’s general view and comfort with the music business.

For the big four labels and their artists, it’s not only a distribution channel, it’s a possible public relations campaign as well.  Consumers and many tech folks see record labels as an olde fashioned idea.  Combined with the platform of Google Audio, I think the service will more than equal the sum of its parts (which include iLike and Lala).

TechCrunchs excellent coverage even includes screenshots

TechCrunch's excellent coverage even includes screenshots

Even just the idea that folks won’t have to switch windows to start listening to music will be a huge source of users for them.  As I commented on TechCrunch, “what better company is there to partner with that isn’t already in the online music business?”

Congrats to Google Audio and all the fans who will have a fun new toy next week.

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