Mark Knopfler's Tribute to the Martyrs

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It’s easy to think that Mark Knopfler might have named “Get Lucky” with a tinge of irony. The album includes at least three songs that touch on the experiences of soldiers, and interestingly, they are placed in several different contexts: “Cleaning My Gun” describes the mindset of a Vietnam-era veteran who might be suffering from PTSD; “Piper Til the End” is inspired by Knopfler’s uncle who perished in World War II on D-Day and “Remembrance Day,” which names soldiers one by one, mentions the poppies that symbolize the first World War.

Tomorrow, Knopfler will appear at Silence in the Square, an annual event held in London to mark Armistice Day with two minutes of silence. Knopfler and his band will perform at about 10am. He has also agreed to donate the proceeds from the “Remembrance Day” single to the British Legion. If you are in London and want more info, please visit this page.

For lack of a better version, here’s a video with the Knopfler song:

Did anyone else notice the list of names sounds like “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” by Paul McCartney?

Can anyone think of a worse way to go than in a war?

Update: Video from Silence in the Square

Remembrance Day pictures on Flickr.

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