Sirius XM Hosts Playing for Change on "The Joint"

Master guitarist Louis Mhlanga settles in at Sirius XM

Master guitarist Louis Mhlanga settles in at Sirius XM

The Joint is one of the best stations on Sirius XM, so you can imagine how proud I was to introduce the Playing for Change band to Pat McKay.  She happens to be one of the most gracious and competent personalities in all radio, and interviewed the ENTIRE nine-piece band after their set which also included a precise sound check.  That takes some stamina!

One of the difficult aspects of doing tour promo work is you have to land the right artist on the right day.  Pat McKay was there to welcome the ensemble, but Cousin Brucie from Sixties on 6 doesn’t come in on Mondays, so Mark Johnson pre-recorded a dedication to Cousin and Ben E. King, who is a dj on the station.  Bass, drum, keyboard, two guitars and percussion to back up Grandpa, Clarence, Titi and Mermans, that’s a lot for any station, but Sirius is a state of the art facility.

With considerable effort put into sound check, the band was ready to perform in the “bubble” when Barbara Walters walked by without acknowledging any of us.  It’s always surreal at Sirius!

Check my video after the jump, or more photos here.

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