New Apple Store on New York’s Upper West Side

Apple unwrapped this wrapping today

Apple unwrapped this wrapping today

New York City’s Upper West Side business district will receive a massive jump start this weekend when Apple Computer opens its latest retail outlet. Revealed only a few weeks ago, construction has taken place on the former site of a custom-built Victoria’s Secret over the past six months or so. I am very pleased on behalf of my old friend Gene Spiegelman, a commercial real estate agent who represents many store fronts in the neighborhood for Cushman and Wakefield.

I anticipate that this Apple Store will start “blowing gold” (like the oil wells in There Will Be Blood), and hope that it lands elsewhere in the community. Certainly all those folks shopping at Apple will want an ice cream or hot dog. At the very least the disgusting smokers on Ollie’s staff will no longer be permanently perched on the window sill of Victoria’s Secret.

In the following video, the new Apple Store on New York’s Upper West Side is unveiled at an event for the press. Folks were walking around with pads and cameras, and some were logged in and already reporting from inside the store.

Good luck to Apple and thanks for coming to my neighborhood. I will spend as much money as possible there!

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