Drivin n Cryin at Highland Ballroom

Drivin N Cryin performed their songs (including “I See Georgia” above) in a dinner theater setting last night at the Highline Ballroom in New York. What a powerful band. They were purveying a unique combination of southern rock, humor and underground political vibes, as they had in the 90s. Kevn Kinney leads the band on vocals, lead guitar runs, sometimes in unison leads like fellow Georgians the Allman Brothers.

It was an impressive show, and the band has issued its first album in a dozen years, titled “The Great American Bubble Factory.” I wonder if it is named for the company Sid Sheinberg’s created after leaving the MCA presidency in the early 90s. If so, that would make me more even interested! I’m sure it has a broader meaning, considering Kinney’s vibe.

Drivin n Cryin ought to have no problem ruling the Americana/Alt Country scene populated by many younger southern rock bands, such as the Drive-By Truckers. DNC have had at least one worldwide hit, that carries a lot of weight. F the critics, they can move the crowd with a familiar song.

For more video from last night, please click here.

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