MOG All Access, An Unlimited Music Service, Launches

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MOG Music Player is easy to use

MOG's Music Player is easy to use

The music site today launched All Access, a subscription service that enables fans to listen to any song in MOG’s library via broadband-powered streams. MOG had previously been a site that aggregated countless music blogs of every genre in a clean, fast-moving web environment.

I checked it out in a one hour trial that just ended.

MOG All Access service is speedy, convenient, good-sounding (with no dropouts we are used to from net listening) and well-designed. For a mere $5 – FIVE! – per month, fans can enjoy unlimited listening. The only constraint is you have to be connected to the net – there are no downloads. It’s also a bit of a pain to be dj, but MOG also provides countless playlists from celebrities.  David Byrne and DJ Shadow caught my eye but not my ears — I was listening to records I own like Yes’ Close to the Edge (see right).

MOG’s library is missing the EMI Peter Tosh albums, has NO BEATLES and various old Island Records obscurities like Malcolm McLaren are not included either.

I would be disappointed if the library didn’t improve.  Nonetheless, MOG All Access is easily worth what people pay for a few weeks of HBO.  At what point, however, do we start comparing our media consumption to food money? Probably a year or two ago for many Americans.

With partners Sony and Universal, MOG All Access has now created a seamless environment that incorporates user-generated opinions with the actual article – the songs and artists – immediately at hand.

Doug Morris‘ dream of “capping” net to create a “gusher” of revenue for the business could be in sight.   As more legal, cheap services pop up, people who have been sharing files or who don’t need to own music, etc., will have better and more convenient legal services to choose from.

Pandora, Rhapsody, iLike, MySpace, Lala… the legal options are increasing in number and they are getting better sounding and contain more choices.  The recent launch of Google Audio created a way to “head them off at the pass,” as most music searches will now produce legal, reliable results.

MOG All Access was easy to use with no training!  When the hour ended, it played me clips of the songs I had listened to as well.

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