Vevo Launch Rocky But Promising

With much anticipation, I visited Vevo last night only to find total frustration as the page would not even load. As users were diverted to the Vevo blog, we were treated to a tweet feed from the launch party (I wasn’t invited and had sour grapes). One user contributed the piercing inquiry “Are there ice sculptures at the party? Your site is frozen.”

As of last night, neither the exclusive Mariah Carey video nor any catalog artists, if their videos were even listed, would play. Universal, Sony and EMI promoted a higher quality service based on their long history in entertainment, merged with YouTube’s technology, and last night’s launch was a misstep.

Returning tonight, however, I was able to sign up for an account and to link it to my social profiles. Not much is in the Vevo library yet, but a search for Bob Dylan yielded some excellent results. Using their playlist function, I have started to build a library of favorite videos for (our) future reference.

Shelby Lynne’s “Your Lies” (ten years old next month), is Earbender’s first embedded video from Vevo!

And the McDonald’s ads work well too.

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