Devo Returns, Has the World Caught Up with Them?

Mark Mothersbaugh at the Olympics last night

With a great rallying cry (“It’s now or never because Later Is Now!”) to follow an appearance at the Olympics, Devo has launched their comeback. Today only on Devo’s official site, fans will receive a free download of the new song in exchange for their email address. I have a feeling Devo will be sending out pretty interesting content! They have a beautiful home page, and I especially recommend their beautiful YouTube page.

Devo was ahead of their time in that the band is a commentary on the meeting of technology, society, sexuality, music and geekdom. There have been very few artists in the history of music whose stage act, music, lyrics and fans were so perfectly merged so seamlessly. In almost 20 years since they last recorded, the music and technology worlds have almost caught up to Devo. The medium and the fans’ consciousness has caught up to their message. Can they deliver another “Whip It” to compete with “Pants on the Ground” and the memes of today?

Their view of technology is largely based in the 50s, as you can see in the Devo Inc. Color Project on their site, and maintain a strange attraction and sardonic attitude towards the idealism of that time. Skepticism towards commercialism and technology are good themes now, and their lack of glitz is refreshing too. Watching their video above, “Focus Group Testing the Future” or see the message from their CEO, you might wonder if the fans of today will get the joke.

I personally don’t think they should change the color of their helmets, strictly based on advertising genius Arte Moreno. When he bought the Anaheim Angels, he made them RED. The original “zigurrat” hat was red too. But I can hardly complain. Devo is back!

In the coming weeks, I look forward to seeing what this amazing band has up their sleeves and under those helmets.   I hope Devo gets a lot of endorsement money!

“Fresh” by Devo

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