Aren't You at SXSW?

Mark Abuzzahab TCB at Guero's

Yes of course, which is why I haven’t been on here that much. It gets insanely busy during this week, with at least four or five excellent events happening at once. You can’t be everywhere, and that leads to stress. Some folks might try to organize things for you, or even go as far as “curating” the festival, but unpredictability and adaptability are your friends down here. It’s chaotic – make your own plan and be flexible!

Social media profiles can be helpful in finding your friends, but I have personally resisted using Foursquare (see much. Twitter is key, and this is @earbender’s third @sxsw using the service.

In a few moments, I will begin to unravel all the invitations and try to cut a trail through this morass. My main event is a showcase for Invest Barbados! featuring five artists from the island and I’ll also be promoting current projects like Natalie Merchant‘s return “Leave Your Sleep” (April 13) and Willie Nelson‘s new one “Country Music,” which will be released on April 20.

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