Willie Nelson's Country Music Hits the Street

Country Music (Rounder Records 2010)

Actually, the latest Willie Nelson album Country Music will be released by Rounder Records on April 20. This week however, the album arrives at college/community radio and various other media outlets this week and I hope you are as excited as I am about this project. The weather is just getting nice too, so you’ll be able to watch the flowers bloom etc. while listening to some of the most natural music there is.

I have promoted many Willie albums and have often said they fall into two categories, ‘the raw’ and ‘the cooked,’ (maybe it should be ‘the cooked’ and ‘the more cooked’?), which could be loosely defined – naturally – as the star-studded productions/tv shows vs. the albums that are more spontaneous or have a more jam-like feel. The raw ones are often played on acoustic instruments and recorded in one take w/no dubs… but then again I’ve read that Willie doesn’t do that many takes even w/the schmaltzy Julio Iglesias!

Whatever the case, Country Music is the rare album that combines both vibes to create one of the most immediate and delightful Willie albums ever. Three or four forces have combined: Willie, the songs, Trigger, and the musicians who do some mighty picking behind the man.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the music below.

Exclusive Earbender Audio Preview:

Man with the Blues
Dark as a Dungeon
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Pistol Packing Mama
Freight Train Boogie

I would like to mention some of the folks who have been playing Willie for years, and some new friends too. Our longtime compatriots WFUV, KCRW, WFMU, WERS, KUSF, KGSR, KAOS, WMUC, KBCO, WXPN, KEXP and many others will receive be getting the cd today from Rounder, and I hope they are stoked. Willie’s Place/Outlaw Country peeps like Jeremy, Mojo, Bill and Cindy, Dallas, as well as the whole Outlaw Country online community are all over Country Music already.

Regular music pages like MOKB, JamBase, North Fork Sound, Sonic Boomers, Blogcritics, Boogie Woogie Flu and Burning Wood who are 21st century Willie Nelson people are listening and there are even some tech bloggers like 1938 Media and Copyblogger who’ve been hit. I’m excited to see opportunities like Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, Dow Jones or Microsoft’s home page get into Country Music and other albums I’ve been promoting recently as well.

Of course, Willie Nelson and Family are all over the place this Summer, and if this olympic torch passes anywhere near you, I recommend checking out the show. They are going to be playing at a wide variety of places as usual, including the Glastonbury Festival, July 4th at the new Backyard in Spicewood, TX; The Cape Cod Melody Tent; The Santa Barbara County Bowl and countless others. Amsterdam, Germany, France and Denmark are lined up as well.

To buy a copy of Country Music, please click here.

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