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I told you baseball season was getting interesting. Here’s Cubs Manager, Lou Piniella, who I have been a fan of since was a great player on the Yankees in the 70s, a manager in the 80s and then with the Reds, Mariners, Rays and Cubs. As he points out in the interview below, he has won more games than all but 13 managers in the history of baseball.


Lou begins his complaint calmly: “Try to put the uniform on and try this job, and see how they feel when they get criticized unjustly” and really lays into Chicago baseball commentator Steve Stone, who was a pitcher in the 70s and 80s (Lou went 3/11 off him with a few Ks).

This is a rant that compares to the infamous Lee Elia tirade in that it includes direct criticism, but as Piniella is well aware he is being recorded, he doesn’t curse and keeps his remarks relatively short. He also didn’t rip the fans (“those country …”) like Elia. They just happen to both be Cubs managers.

On the bright side, “Sweet Lou”
hasn’t thrown any bases this year. Yet. I wonder how he might’ve reacted to Jim Jones’ error if he were in Jim Leyland’s place? Perhaps George Brett’s reaction to the Pine Tar ruling could be a benchmark…

Baseball’s getting interesting here at the halfway point!

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