RIP George M. Steinbrenner, III

Yankee Stadium Old Timer's Day 2008

The last Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium II

George Steinbrenner has died.  As a fan, I just want to say “thanks for making the Yankees great.”   The countless hours spent enjoying the games with friends and family are reflected in my post about Bob Sheppard below.

There are many tributes being written all over the place, but here are a few great ones:

First of all, he was very much hated by Red Sox fans and ownership (has Larry Luchino offered any condolences?).

”George and I had our differences, but who didn’t?” – a new classic Yogi Berra quote

Cubs Manager Lou Piniella: “George was a demanding owner, but very caring, very supportive. He bought a struggling franchise and turned it into a dynasty. He’s going to be known as the most influential owner in the history of sports.” (from the New York Times)

I didn’t like his politics, so I am inclined to include former New York Governor Mario Cuomo‘s quote: “Everyone knows George Steinbrenner went from loser to legend by taking a second division team with a struggling franchise in 1973 and turning it into a champion again. But he was much more than a winner and a celebrity. There was no falseness in him. He did everything with his heart: his family, his friends, his team, his nation and his community. I’m not surprised that in the end he died by wearing it out.” (from the New York Times)

And, possibly most important, after all the bluster, he had the ability to laugh at himself.

Thanks Mr. Steinbrenner!

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