Shaking off the Cobwebs

After an entire month of slacking on the site, I have returned.  It got a little busy.   Then it got ridiculously hot and humid, and here we are at the end of August.  There is a lot to report on.  I have video from a few shows to upload, and a long list of topics to comment on which hopefully aren’t totally stale and outdated.  We know the Google Music service hasn’t launched yet, so everything is mostly the same as it was when we left off in July.

One major project I have closed in the past month was the total restoration of the art in my iTunes library, in anticipation of the final backup.  After x years of collecting music, it is now ALL digitized and associated with an image.  Since the dawn of the digital age when cds reduced album covers and mp3s eliminated them completely, people have been talking about the large, tactile, covers of yore.  With iPads and even my iPhone, I want to be able to tell what’s playing quickly, so art has a practical purpose.  If you are into fidelity at all, you require a certain level of resolution and I think the quality of the art can start to influence how accurate you perceive the sound file to be.  They look good on the iPad screen too… almost back to full size!

Another observation now that my entire library is digitized… “Where did this come from?”  I have now started ERASING bad albums!  This was an utter impossibility in the physical world – they could always be traded in for something good.  But what now?  Well after having several klunkers bumming me out, I have started scissoring artists.  I will probably turn this into a feature, but the last album I cut was by Michelle Williams.  I think she was in Destiny’s Child, who I’m loyal to, but it was enough already.

Now that I have this first post down, I’ll be flowing more.  For those on the east coast, I strongly recommend visiting the Silverball Pinball Museum, in Asbury Park NJ, which I hit a few weeks ago.  Time stood still as I revisited Evel Knievel; Spirit of ’76; Space Mission and numerous other old friends on an hourly, unlimited credit.  They don’t make machines like that anymore and they rarely make museums this cool… summer’s not over yet and I’m going back!

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