Fistful of Mercy's Debut Video

What more do you need to launch a band these days than a fresh video?  It pays to have a name too, and in this case Fistful of Mercy is rolling with three.  Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison have teamed to make at least one song so far (also titled “Fistful of Mercy.”  Maybe this means Dhani Harrison’s band thenewno2 is on ice for a while?  Whatever the case, this seems like a good match for him.  As Sean Lennon is also proving with his recent work, you can make a big ripple without being in the ratrace of the traditional music business (verse-chorus-verse and tour-album-t shirt) which his pop and the other Beatles rode to the stars.

Fistful of Mercy from Fistful of Mercy on Vimeo.

In Fistful of Mercy, Harrison has picked some friendly collaborators, both to the audience and the organization with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur.  They are about the same age and have been plowing the adult rock/jamband scene for years.  They are also proven songwriters with radio hits (Arthur’s “Honey and the Moon” is to me at least).   Coincidentally, Ben Harper and his band abetted Dhani’s Uncle Ringo on The Artist’s Den this past year.  He’s coming in at a low angle after making big splashes with his father’s audience at the Concert for George and the Rock Hall of Fame induction, where he performed “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” with Prince and Tom Petty (!).  Dhani also takes the stage with Eric Clapton occasionally.

But his first releases have been from thenewno2, an electronic-influenced band, who have also done some touring.  He also worked on the Beatles’ Rock Band video game, an inspired mix of music and technology, as well as two generations of Harrisons.  By working various media and projects, he has the potential to redefine the landscape for all independent musicians.  A mix of several ideas at once seems to be the bottom line, coming and going like Wilburys.

A supergroup may not be a bad way to go for Dhani Harrison’s entry into more conventional rock music.  The weight of expectation is intense, no question.  For example, Fistful of Mercy’s Twitter account with one but tweet is already being followed by the immortal @RitaHoustonWFUV and @eachnotesecure, massively influential gatekeepers.  Launched a few days ago, the band’s Facebook page has about 3,000 followers and is taking things by storm with a performance at Easy Street records in Seattle and a radio program for KCRW.

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