Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl XLV Performers

Super Bowl XLV LogoPromotion for the Super Bowl has picked up this week, as the Black Eyed Peas were announced as Half Time performers. This is the first non-classic rock artist since Janet Jackson’s legendary “wardrobe malfunction.” Can you remember the last few off the top of your head? Springsteen, Prince, McCartney, Petty, Rolling Stones… oh, I forgot The Who!

With a new album being released this week, and many songs from the last one as hot as ever, the Super Bowl announcement is not a minor event in the scheme of the Black Eyed Peas’ marketing plan. They will probably launch a single at the event and their numerous corporate sponsors will undoubtedly extend the band’s performance beyond Half Time’s allotted 4-5 songs. I expect to see them in commercials before and after, and be asked to join in a social action for them, the game and the product as well.

The Black Eyed Peas will be selling alcohol, cosmetics, technology and maybe even some music when they hit Super Bowl XLV on February 5, so their footprint to be a lot larger than The Who’s CSI platform and make a greater impact on the fans as there will be considerably larger social media participation from young people. They both bring in new people and should be very entertaining to old school NFL fans.

Earbender’s third annual live blog of The Rosenfelder Index (the sum required to purchase one of everything advertised on the Super Bowl) will keep a running count again this year.

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