Earbender's More Than a Cup of Coffee


Bosch's Brewbot

Three years ago, this blog was launched as an experiment in online marketing, creative writing and networking. This week, to help celebrate the site’s 500th post, we are giving away a Brewbot, Bosch’s state of the art coffee maker. It’s a compact little coffee maker that uses cartridges to produce good coffee, consistently, quickly and very conveniently. No measuring, no cleanup… very fun to use.

To win the Earbender Brewbot Giveaway, just Tweet with the tags #Tassimo, #earbender and include the name of a song that includes coffee in the title or lyrics. I’ll pick a winner randomly on Friday 12/17 at 6pm Eastern time. For example: “Black Coffee in Bed” #tassimo #earbender.

One thing that’s cool about it is the cartridge system allows you to make several types of drinks with no waiting, should your guests want a different flavor. T discs come in about 40 different flavors directly from the company. After three years, Earbender.com is more than a cup of coffee – it’s a state of the art, compact, intelligent and tasteful cup of coffee!

Thanks for reading this page and good luck!

Visit Brewbot on Facebook, Twitter or see video here.

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