All-Star Absences Hurt the Game

MLB’s All-Star Game has long captivated fans by showcasing the best players in an exclusive, one-time event. By adding “last man votes,” replacements and requiring even the worst teams be represented, the rosters have become too dilute to really represent the sport’s elite players. I haven’t heard of half of these guys! Even worse, perennials […]

Guitar Google Doodle for Les Paul’s 96th

Google's version of a Les Paul plays and records

Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar, probably never envisioned a computer but would be probably excited about today’s Google Doodle, in honor of his 96th birthday. He not only invented the magnetic pickup system for amplifying guitars, he also helped start multi-track recording […]

RIP Andrew Gold

"My absolute favorite picture with Linda Ronstadt" from Andrew Gold's MySpace page

Besides a Gallifanikis beard, Andrew Gold had a career that has strong relevance to today’s entertainment world. His early death at 59 has me thinking about the man and his family, and of course, the business. Would a career like Andrew Gold’s […]

Eddie Vedder’s Ukelele Album

Features a cover of this song, “Tonight You Belong to Me,” made famous by Bernadette Peters (at least in my lifetime) during a scene from The Jerk.

Not for nothing, but if you told me at the height of the grunge era that Eddie Vedder would be riding the ukelele phenomenon twenty years […]

Watching the 100th Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the premier sporting events in the US and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the great race. The race really comes to life on television too, with countless camera angles, including each driver’s point of view, an aerial camera that is mobile, numerous fixed locations and a helicopter. […]