Baseball 2011 Begins

The 2011 Major League Baseball season begins tomorrow! In celebration, enjoy Hulu’s presentation of one incredible baseball movie, Pride of the Yankees. The film version of Lou Gehrig’s short but brilliant life was a perennial on WPIX in New York, and is part of the lore that helps create the Yankees and their fans’ identity. […]

Super Bowl XLV Ads by Sector

The lack of precision on pricing (apparently beer is a lot more expensive than I thought) makes it difficult to compare years, but I believe the sector breakdown is just as telling as the total price. The tech community will laud the increased presence of web-based services on the Super Bowl, but I am concerned […]

The Rosenfelder Index of Super Bowl XLV Advertising

This year’s live blog tallying the price of every item advertised during the Super Bowl, also known as The Rosenfelder Index, will commence at 6:30pm, when the Fox broadcast gets going. As with last year, I will present a spreadsheet that will update itself throughout the game to show how much we are being hit […]

Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl XLV Performers

Promotion for the Super Bowl has picked up this week, as the Black Eyed Peas were announced as Half Time performers. This is the first non-classic rock artist since Janet Jackson’s legendary “wardrobe malfunction.” Can you remember the last few off the top of your head? Springsteen, Prince, McCartney, Petty, Rolling Stones… oh, I forgot […]

Hall of Fame Manager Sparky Anderson Battling Dementia

Sparky Anderson with one of the posts he used as strategic hunting blinds in the Tiger Stadium dugout.

Hugh Surratt has informed me that the legendary Sparky Anderson, who won the World Series as manager of the Reds and Tigers, age 75, has been battling dementia, as reported today by the Detroit News. […]