Doonesbury: "Tweets for Twits"

All week, as Doonesbury newsman Roland Burton Hedley, Jr. has been sending “tweets,” I have awaited the hammer falling on the whole system, and its users (my twitter is @earbender). With a mix of agism and sarcasm, the final panel of today’s column sums up artist Garry Trudeau’s feelings (and many other people’s too).

Doonesbury's Jimmy Thudpucker Taps Into New Revenue Streams

Jimmy Thudpucker, a rock star who first appeared in the Doonesbury comic strip in the 70s, at the height of his popularity, recently sat with Mark Slackmeyer to discuss his recent success in the ringtone market. Over the years since his peak, he has reappeared frequently, often on Mark’s radio show, to comment on music […]