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Roger Dean's Earbender logo resurfaces!

Earbender.com started as a way to promote my promotion business more effectively online. I also found myself spending more time keeping up with technology as it changes the music business (distribution, consumer electronics innovations, mobile, advertising/branding).

Subsequently, the site and my social media profiles have enabled me to change […]

Are Amazon.com's Classics Customer Based?

A different kind of "classic"

Although I realize these suggestions from Amazon are based on my preferences and history, I was really happy to see The Minutemen listed among such artists as John Coltrane, Duke Ellington and Heart. Makes me curious about whether or not this area is adjusted based on your […]

Spectacle with Elvis Costello Debuts Tonight on Sundance

“Spectacle,” the new music and interview program hosted by Elvis Costello debuts tonight on the Sundance channel. The program features live music and repartee from Elvis and his guests, including such greats as Smokey Robinson, The Police, Elton John and James Taylor. As we all know, Elvis is intensely articulate and has been interviewed […]