Mike Watt + Missingmen "Prac'n the 3rd Opera Tour" Announced

As many of you know, the name “earbender” was thought of by my great friend Mike Watt for my promotion company a few years back. I receive his “flow” on a regular basis, and just the other day, watt sent a big update, with the following photo and tour dates. As a friend and fan, […]

Mike Watt Holiday Cards for Heal the Bay

sunrise over the terminal island federal prison! (photo by mike watt)

mike watt, who spends most mornings kayaking in the waters off san pedro, ca, usually documents his trips with great pictures. he has now donated some of his work to create holiday cards for Heal the Bay. watt, who celebrates his birthday […]

Monk's Instructions to His Band

watt sent over this incredible artifact: Thelonious Monk‘s “advice” for his band! I don’t know where it comes from or if Monk had someone write it for him, but it’s dated 1960 at the top and is pretty fascinating.