Apple iTunes 9.2: Faster than Slayer

I remember when the note was green

Seven or eight years after installing iTunes, it’s an application that continues to dazzle as well as command a great deal of attention. Besides running the iPhone and iPad, I am constantly updating my music library of over 45,000 songs. It has been an ongoing process to […]

There is Nothing Like the Grateful Dead in a Museum

Jerry Garcia's guitar at the NY Historical Society's Grateful Dead Exhibit

The Grateful Dead are the subject of a great exhibit at the New York Historical Society that has just been extended to run through September, so I strongly recommend you make the visit. While the NYHS is contained in a relatively small part […]

Record Store Days: Calamar and Gallo at SXSW

Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo with "Record Store Days"

There must be many tomes on this vital topic, but it looks like longtime KCRW dj and music supervisor Gary Calamar and LA Times writer Phil Gallo have compiled a definitive history of the record store, entitled “Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and […] Streams Suspended

After their triumphant first SXSW based in Austin, the staff of WOXY once again received a disconnection notice from management. The crew, led by Matt Shiv, has weathered so many storms over the years, first as an FM that moved from Oxford to Cincinnati, then online. Last year, WOXY finally relocated to Austin with the […]

Obama on Intellectual Property at US Export Conference

Music, which has fueled a generation’s adoption of the internet (through Napster) and created the market for the handheld computer (iPod/iPhone), now deserves a chance to be nourished back to health by technology. As a longtime employee of major labels, member of NARAS, RIAA, etc., I am biased. But clearly, if there were less piracy […]