earbender featured playlist #3: Radio K, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Radio K logo

KUOM, also known as Radio K, is one of the best college radio stations, and their weekly play list shows why. With a stream of great artists coming through, a diverse programming policy and a great ability to promote themselves, KUOM, has grown from an am campus only station to taking […]

earbender featured playlist #2: WRIR, Richmond World Music

WRIR's logo!

Thanks to Bill Lupoletti at WRIR, Richmond for sending his list which includes the station’s most played world music, but also label profiles and recommended picks.

I’m more than happy to spread their work and opinions here. As the promo below shows, WRIR is a very diverse station and the world music […]

Earbender featured Playlist #1: WVFS Tallahassee FL "V89"

earbender will put up a good old radio playlist at least once a week henceforth. This week’s chart is from WVFS, Tallahassee, home station of College Radio Hall of Famers Mike Rittberg, Jay Hughen and Chris White.

Their site hasn’t been updated in a couple of weeks, and in social media they are on facebook […]